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The Effect of Technology on Child Development


The Effect of Technology on Child Development: Using Technology Correctly


We all know that technology is an integral part of our lives and facilitates our business in many areas. What do we know about the impact of technology on child development?


  1. Technology is Important in the Modern World:

We all know that technology is an integral part of our lives and facilitates our business in many areas. No need to go too far. When the Internet was not in use, it was necessary to take the path of libraries or to consult with the expert to get information and research.


  1. Take Help From the Internet:

Thanks to the development of technology and the fact that the Internet starts to answer all our questions. We can learn and share everything we are curious about by searching the Internet without even having to leave our house. Under all these circumstances, the issue of the impact of technology on child development is another topic that needs to be examined.


  1. Parents’ Control on the Impact of Technology on Child Development

One of the essential areas that technological developments contribute to is the development of infants and children. Today, many applications and websites addressing child development have been developed. Parents want their children to benefit from these technological solutions in the most efficient way.


  1. Keep an Eye on Your Child:

There are some points that parents should pay attention to. First of all, parents take into account the individual characteristics of their children. You should find activities that will contribute to their physical, mental, and psychosocial processes. You can use the appropriate toys and equipment. At this point, parents must be selective.


  1. Children Should Restrict to Vulnerable Content:

Because children adapt to technological developments faster than adults and can accept what is in front of them without question. They are vulnerable to any content they may encounter. In this context, it is essential to remember that technology has benefits as well as damages. The parent’s primary task is to control what kind of content their children can access.


  1. Technology should be used in a dose

Technique makes a significant contribution to the development of children when used in the right place. In the outside world where there is a continuous flow of information at every moment, parental control should be ensured. Especially about television, computer and mobile phone and technological toys, which are frequently used by children. Children should use technological devices in limits.


  1. Parents are Responsible for Their Children:

Parents who are responsible for what their children do and cannot do should be able to reflect the gains of technology and information. You should carry out the mentioned supervision and control duties and act consciously on this issue. Parents should master the concepts of media literacy and technology literacy. They should make the necessary qualification for their children. As a parent, you should adopt to use technological solutions in a way that will benefit your child in this vast information pool.


  1. Toys, Mobile Phones, Computers, Internet, Television, Computer Games;

Children should be able to play some computer games that are not violent for their age and development. It can affect relationships and use computer applications under the control of their parents. Watching educational cartoons, movies, and video content, playing with technological toys, researching and learning information on the Internet within a specified period can have many positive contributions to the child.


It would be a good step for your child to socialize without leaving home. Under parental supervision, communicating with friends through some internet applications. Attending interviews with friends, for example, on the next day’s activity at school.

  1. Take into Account the Benefits and Harms of Technology:

As a result, when we evaluate the effect of technology on child development, it is possible to talk about the benefits and harms of technology as in everyone. Mothers, fathers, and adults should keep children under control in all activities to benefit children and protect them from harmful contents. Mother and father who set limits; while constructing these boundaries, they should inform their children. They should answer all their questions. In this way, subsequent communication barriers and conflicts can prevent before they occur.

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